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MLP OC ~ Morning Mist by nychnymph MLP OC ~ Morning Mist by nychnymph
she' beautiful lil child (●´□`)♡ click here for the speedcolor!

age: fresh 19! 
height: on the shorter side
family: she's an only child, with an earth pony mother, Bright Blossom, who is a florist, and a pegasus father, Charging Feather, who is a retired royal guard. they met when a few buds of Bright Blossom's drifted away in the wind and Charging Feather caught them for her. (he spent several months trying and failing to court her until she asked him out on the summer sun celebration) 
personality: she was an earlyriser ever since she was a teeny filly, and lived up to her name given to her by her loving parents by spending a lot of her days up at the crack of dawn! easily excitable and humble, Morning Mist livened up her tiny town by visiting everyone and upon growing up she was a bit more relaxed than most ponies about getting her cutie mark. but contrary to her relaxed position about her cutie mark, she can be quite ambitious when it comes to flying. never liking to back down from a dare, she spent most of her childhood with some kind of injury because of her thickheadedness. she's pretty prone to injury when on hoof too, and can be extra clumsy since she grew out her mane (which never is a problem when flying but is always messy because of so) and is naive when it comes to ulterior motives that other ponies may have. she's responsible, and generally quite gentle and kind. 
cutie mark story: Golden Edge is her best best best friend, and they met during one of her roundabouts the town saying hello to everyone. he was a quiet colt and stern, but whenever Morning was around, he would always smile and tease her. they grew up together, with him mostly telling her to stop doing such stupid things to get herself injured, and she telling him to not be so uptight. he's an earth pony, with a single father, Blackhoof, who turns out to be Charging Feather's old rival from the royal guard, and grew up a lot around his father's blacksmithing, thus leading him to get his cutie mark (far before Morning Mist does). with Golden's special talent being excellence at swordsmanship, both Charging Feather and Blackhoof send word to old friends at the royal guard and Golden is admitted into the royal guard academy at the royal palace in Canterlot. it's a big deal to everyone in their small town, and eventually, amid stuttering and blushing ("why are you blushing, Golden? this is so weird"), Golden asks Morning to accompany him to the palace. of course she says yes, why would she leave her now weird-acting friend all by himself? (as priorly mentioned, she's thickheaded) so together they leave for Canterlot, and on arrival, they're both allowed into the royal captain's office but oh no! a sergeant rushes in with news that can't wait! important royal documents from Ponyville were supposed to be delivered two days ago but the messenger pony is no where to be found! the royal captain doesn't know what to do so of course, Golden buts in. ("sir I know this is unauthorized but my companion Morning Mist is fast, agile and tough when it comes to flying. she can find the documents and missing pony and be back at the palace within 30 minutes.") Morning Mist is speechless (and why is she blushing?) and is especially speechless when the captain says yes and grants Morning Mist a temporary royal badge and she's off, a soaring streak in the sky. turns out the missing pony was knocked out by a tree branch and when she's back in Canterlot, bam there's her cutie mark. she's a messenger. Golden is accepted into the academy, they say goodbye for the last time in a few years and she goes back to their little town to tell her mom and dad that she's moving to Canterlot to get employed by a few rich manor families as their messenger after she finishes her schooling. fast forward a few years, she's the fastest and nimblest messenger on the market, and spends her days dawn to dusk racing all over the inner parts of Equestria delivering messages and mail. 
more story/occupation: just like any other day for Morning Mist, she wakes up early and spends the morning writing a letter to Golden and her parents, but this is not like any other day! it's the summer sun festival and Golden has finally graduated from the academy and is stationed at the festival to protect the royal parade, so they can finally hang out again! she spends extra time getting ready, because he'll be in his uniform so she has to not embarrass him with her messy hair, and she wiggles into her finest messenger bag and clops out of her Canterlot apartment. she runs a few errands for the bakers' downstairs and gets a bread bun that tastes like home in exchange, then spends the morning delivering messages for a young Duke she's employed to (why is she paid so much for this again? she only delivers a few messages and then he makes her have tea with him) and finally the parade rolls around! she weaves in and out of the crowd looking for a gray-blue coat when somepony knocks into her from behind and she turns around to apologize when: "Hey." Golden looks like perfect in gold and she hugs him so hard that his guard friends next to him start to laugh. they have a really good time together, and he even goes to buy her an ice cream cone when she overhears his friends talking about a relocation of royal guards to the Crystal Empire. she might've freaked out (just a little) and in this freaking out, skidded into the royal throne room with a trail of guards hot on her hooves, startling the three princesses. before the guards could throw her back out, Celestia stops them and requests to listen to Morning Mist's plea. ("Your M-Majesty, my best friend is a royal guard and he just graduated and I haven't seen him in a good two years. I heard about the relocation and I... I don't want to lose him again! I'll do anything, your Majesties! I'm a good flyer, your cousin the young Duke can attest to that s-since I'm his messenger and-") Celestia laughs because of course they aren't going to let a guard fresh out of royal academy relocate to the Crystal Palace, but Morning Mist's concern is admirable and... ("You said you're the Duke's messenger? We've heard him rave about your quickness so despite your friend not being relocated, perhaps you'd be interested in becoming our new Royal Messenger.") and bam! She's a royal messenger and gets to spend her days flying all over Equestria as well as hanging out with Golden when he's on break. both of their fathers are so so proud.

long story huh? i'll be making a Golden ref sheet soon too! and a few more posts about them because feelings must be realized... and i want them to kiss (♡´艸`)
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